OscarTrejoNow on Wii U being unavailable

The upcoming Wii U console set for release on November 18th has received a huge amount of attention. Pre-orders for the console were available from GameStop immediately after the release date and price were announced.

Bad news is GameStop, Best Buy, and Target are not filling any more pre-orders for the Deluxe Set.

The Good News here.

OscarTrejoNow on the Wii U

I made a post about the Wii U over at my blog on blogger. Care to check it out here is a preview of what was on there.

Are you ready for the Nintendo Wii U?

Confirmed release has been set for November 18 2012, just in time for the holiday season. Two bundles will be available for purchase, the Wii U Deluxe for $349.99 and Wii U Basic for $299.99.

The rest of the post available here.

A little Introduction

Hello, my name is Oscar Trejo, and I would like to welcome you to my blog. Here you will you see a collection of all my posts and thoughts that have occurred to me. I really love spending my time reading, writing, making YouTube gameplay videos, vlogging, and playing video games. I’m in college at the moment and this semester taking 2 English classes, 2 Journalism classes, and finally one psychology. Thinking about actually majoring in Journalism at the moment. I am going to try my very best to manage my time to have everything balanced out.

I’m a spend some time tomorrow morning updating my daily blog over on blogger that I’ve been neglecting since Tuesday. I see it as justifiable by the fact that it was the first week of school and I needed to see what I was going to be up against. I’m going to do 4 entries one for each day since Tuesday. I’ve also needed to start another blog for my Journalism class so I’ll be updating that one a couple of times a week. The name for that blog and link might change since I have another name idea for it. If I do change I will update that here and will also be making another separate blog on this site as well, idea is ready just name is pending.

I leave you with that nice bit of information about myself and what I’m planning to do. Hopefully that poked  at your curiosity and you might even follow this blog.